For Advertisers

After you have created an account and have deposited minimum $5 you can set up your own campaign by choosing all the options that suit you best.

 Your campaign will be active in less than 30 minutes of its set up;

 Quality traffic: the traffic is of paramount importance, this is why our platform offers quality traffic;

 Our team is fully dedicated to fight fake traffic and fraud;

 Our platform offer real time statistics;

 Full control over campaigns; therefore, advertisers can cancel, stop or add credit at any time. The bid may be changed;

 Our platform offers traffic targeting by country, category, operating system, browser and cookies duration;

 A campaign will be active in 30 minutes after all its details have been set up;

 The minimum deposit is $5 made through PayPal, Paxum, Payza, Payoneer;

 Our team is dedicated and focused on solving advertisers problems and is online 24/7;

 Our platform is very easy to use and accessible;

 We offer a referral system where you can earn 10% of the amount deposited by your referees;

 The type of ads we offer is pop-under.

We are offline- email us! Live chat!

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