Terms and Conditions

By registering on the Marketads.net platform all advertisers and publishers agree to the terms and conditions illustrated below. Marketads.net reserves the right to interrupt all activity which does not benefit Marketads.net and other customers/users at any point during our collaboration with you.

Marketads.net reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of taking part in this programme at any day and time without prior notice. We, therefore, suggest that you check these T&C regularly.

By continuing to use the Marketads.net services you agree to the new T&C. If you do not agree to the new T&C you can cease using any and all services provided by Marketads.net.

All personal data collected by Marketads.net is strictly confidential and it can be altered or deleted upon the user’s request. The data collected once the users have registered will be used only for the purpose of providing our services (websites monetization and payments towards the users).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we do not promote under any circumstance the campaigns feeding information to terrorist activities.

In this case Marketads.net will offer its full cooperation to competent bodies and will grant them access to any information they will need.

MarketAds.net reserves the right to delete any website, campaign, order deposit, withdrawal, referral, etc, if any of the following irregularities will be discovered:

(!) Sites containing or linking to illegal activities (terrorism, hacking, etc);

(!) Sites containing child pornography;

(!) Sites linking to videos with a strong emotional impact;

(!) Sites promoting racism and anti-Semitism;

(!) Sites sending or posting unsolicited e-mails (spam);

(!) Sites generating fake traffic;

(!) Auto-surf, iframe, boti sites, autoclick services, traffic exchange and proxy services.

(!) Creating a new personal account using the referral link; this can lead to the deactivation of all accounts and the loss of all money deposited or earned on the platform at the time of deactivation.

(!) MarketAds.net will not deliver visitors to websites not adhering to the terms and conditions in Section A.

(!) Your website may contain only one type of popunder ad but it may also have popup, tabup or other ads. If more than two popunders are discovered (including the Marketads.net popunder) we reserve the right to immediately close the campaign and the remaining credit for this campaign will be lost without the right to a refund.

(!) All campaigns registered on the Marketads platform are monitored, served and registered by Marketads.net.

(!) All advertising costs can be modified at any time depending on the country, traffic quality, niche, etc.